Kalpana Patel

Kalpana Patel, MD, FAAP, FAAEM, DABEM

Kalpana Patel, MD, FAAP, FAAEM, DABEM is a board-certified Environmental Medicine specialist having deep interest in the environmental aspects of health and disease. She is a Founder of the Environmental Health Center-Buffalo (EHC-Buffalo), Dr. Patel is currently a director of this highly specialized medical facility. Dr. Patel serves on the board and is a president of the Environmental Health Foundation of the Western New York (WNY), was a president of the American Board of Environmental Medicine, and previously has served on the board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Dr. Patel was awarded highly prestigious award by American Academy of Environmental Medicine for her contribution and research in the subject of environmental medicine and the Herbert J Rinkle award in 2008 for excellence in teaching techniques of environmental medicine. She has also received the 2003 Physician of the year award and 2004 Pioneer of Healthcare Reform Award and many other awards nationally and internationally. Dr. Patel is a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Patel has published many peer-reviewed research papers related to the topic of environmental medicine. She is a co-author of the medical textbook, Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume 1: Regulating Mechanisms of Chemical Sensitivity; Volume 2: The Effects of Environmental Pollutants on the Organ System; Volume 3: Clinical Environmental Manifestations of the Neurocardiovascular Systems. Currently she is private practice of environmental medicine; Volume 4: The Environmental aspect of Chemical sensitivity; Volume 5: Treatment options of Chemical sensitivity.