Dr. Kevin Wand and Lyn Patrick

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Lyn Patrick: Well, welcome Dr Wand. I'm so glad you emailed to me a, this is Lynn Patrick. We're talking about the EMF conference. I was very excited to get an email from you about the conference telling me how important it was, especially for you, not only as a physician, but as someone who's experienced EMF exposure. Um, so thank you for emailing me. I appreciate it. So why are you going to the EMF conference?

Kevin Wand: I've got, uh, several reasons. First of all, um, I want to see what the latest research is out there on EMF sensitivities and is there symptoms that we can apply to that term and a number two is, is there anything I can do clinically with my patients who have problems other than avoid or cut down on EMF exposure? And then they're probably the most important involved is I want to find out what other localities are doing a nationwide and also worldwide on educating public officials, whether it be in the schools, the city government, on the dangers of wireless, and what approaches have been successful. Uh, which approaches aren't. Uh, one thing I've learned in the last, I started looking at EMF along with chemicals about seven years ago, and I've been trying to teach my patients the dangers ABMF and that discovered in the last seven years, 90% of the women get it. They want to make changes. They're ready to go for it. The big obstacle is male, 90% of the men, which is soon to happen, convenience of Wifi, what? Cordless wireless, et Cetera, et cetera versus good health. And so I'm thinking about, um, when I approached the city officials or school officials, I'm going to first sit down and talk with women because they seem to understand this problem a lot better than guys do.

Lyn:  Fascinating. I wish I could comment on that, but I'm going to have to think about it. Um, so there's, there's three responses that I want to give you about why you're coming that I think are important for everybody to know. First of all, this was the way this conference came about is doctor Bill Rea, who you may or may not know, he was a, uh, pulmonary, um, uh, surgeon and poetic, a cardiothoracic surgeon. And he actually, as a result of his family and himself being pesticide exposed, got into environmental medicine 45 years ago. Uh, this, April, this last April, he came to me and asked me to help him produce a conference on EMS. And then he suddenly passed away in August. So we had already started and he gave me a list. He said, these are the global experts I've been working with for the last 25 years.

Lyn: How about electro sensitivity? So we have people like Oleo Hansen, uh, who's a researcher coming from let's get institute, uh, Dominique Palm, who's the head of the European cancer and Environment Research Institute where, you know, they're actually looking at the relationship between cancer and environmental exposures. And the palm has published a on actual blood work related to diagnosing micro sensitivity in a large population, a large population. He's found that 30% of folks who suffer from electro sensitivity had had elevated histamine levels. And you and I know that mast cell syndrome, it's a big deal right now in the u s and certainly in people who are mold and mycotoxin exposed. But these dots are not looking at EMF exposures. There are other environmental exposures of course that caused a mass cell release of Histamine. But this is a big one. And then finally your, uh, then thank you for this, your passion and your motivation.

Lyn: Actually talk about public policy. We're going to have an entire panel with national public policy experts who've been working in this area for the last 15, 20 years and many of them are already working with schools. So they'll be there. They'll be presenting this, this, uh, policy panel. We're also gonna have a panel in the evening. Another panel called how to protect yourself, your home, an office with a bell biologists and industrial hygienists who work specifically in the area of protecting, um, uh, people in their homes and in their offices from unnecessary exposure. And you will know by the time you leave this conference how to hardwire your home and hardwire your office and what remediation measures actually work. We're smart meters and for Wifi, so we've tried to cover all bases. We have experts in the u s here that are virtually unknown who are going to be presenting their research.

Lyn: Like a gooner houser radiologist who worked at the brain search institute at UCLA. Huge research institute has actually developed an MRI electro sensitivity. Nobody knows about this, but this is documented, published research, so you will learn a lot when you come and I am very glad that you're going to be there. In addition, this is the first conference I know about in the u s we actually have agreed with the facility to turn off the Wifi both in the lecture hall and at night in the rooms so people will be able to experience what we as physicians who are in this work in this area called digital detox. Now, of course there will be Wifi on the facility for access, you know, but when people need it and they need to get online, there will be places, lots of places where you know, Wifi will be available.

Lyn: But as far as experiencing what it's like to be in a Wifi free environment, you know the reason we did that is we had physicians, Kevin, who called us who said, I'd love to attend your conference, but I'm electrosensitive when I won't be able to attend if there's Wifi in the lecture hall. So we work with the facility to actually turn the Wifi off in that entire building. The time that we're going to be there and there are sleeping rooms in that building as well. The entire facility, all the sleeping rooms are going to be Wifi free

Kevin: mix. I'm not the only one there.

Lyn: Yes, you're not alone though. Speaking of that, would you be willing to talk just for a minute about your own experience with way fake?

Kevin: You're not sure. I live in Minneapolis. I grew up in Iowa and what college did the biology teacher and a coach, but ended up going into medicine and also the navy Vietnam was going on. I'm almost 70 right now. And my navy experience in retrospect probably did expose me to a lot of EMF, which I wasn't aware of. I was on the carrier and Nimitz Nuclear and allow that radar. I did a lot of flying with the navy. There's radar there and probably my big downfall was 30 years using an electric blanket. And I've worked with, I've worked with that, both biologists here in the cities. He's, he's made my home and clinic international standards for safe EMS levels. And he said, Kevin, uh, using an electric blanket is probably worse than standing under high power lines. So that is probably how I became chemically and EMF sensitive.

Kevin: Uh, and right. That occurred about 25 years ago, 20 years ago when I left the navy. After 25 years I was in great shape. And a year later my health crashed and burned and that's when I started looking at the holistic health care, uh, diet nutrition. And then I opened my own clinic 20 years ago and the first 10 years everything went well and people got better with diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep. But then in the last 10 years, well stop getting better. I couldn't figure out why. And then one of these divine interventions, I guess a, I came across Dr craniums environmental course. That's also about the time I, I started, I ran across a, uh, uh, both biologists are learning about EMF cause I had a patient come in and said the power lines were making him sick. I thought it was kinda crazy, but I trusted him. I trusted him. So I went ahead and I started research and couldn't find anything in the boat. Biologists turned me on tons of research. And so I made my clinic and home safe and that got my life back. And I don't plan to retire. I'm having fun. I'm still learning.

Lyn: Wonderful. That, you know, that's, um, you'll find, I'm sure when you come to this conference, it's not an uncommon story for those of us who have the have access to this information and understand the, and for you, you know, I think you'd be interested in meeting Dr Johansson because his research specifically and where we found out about EMS was really working with, uh, folks in the military who were, um, working with radar. You know, that was the, the original exposure, uh, that actually resulted in, in radio sensitivity in a lot of those folks. So I want to thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me talking about the EMF conference. It's coming up, uh, September 6th through the eighth. It will be in Scotts valley outside of Santa Cruz, California. And you can find out more by going to the EMF conference.com website. And this is a conference for healthcare providers or is specifically for healthcare providers, although, you know, if we have interested individuals, we're wanting to come to get that medical information, it will be, um, high level medical information. Uh, you know, but certainly public policy advocates are welcome. So thanks so much. And, um, I can't wait to see you there.


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