Interview with Cece Doucette & Lyn Patrick ND

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Lyn Patrick, ND: Hi, this is Lyn Patrick. I am here for EMF Conference 2019 I'm here with Cece Doucette of the nonprofit Wireless Education. She's been working in this sphere for many years, both on the policy level and on the health level. And we're going to talk today about why healthcare providers need to come to this conference. Cece, do you want to begin by just talking a little bit about the 5G rollout and safety in the school system?

Cece Doucette: Sure Lyn, thank you very much. So I first learned that we need to be aware of risk with wireless technology. When I used to help run our local education foundation and I started doing investigative research on this, and I found literally thousands of studies all over the world showing that today's wireless technology is extraordinarily hazardous. And so I have also been working with our legislature here in Massachusetts and supporting efforts all over the country. As more and more people begin to realize that the health conditions that they are suffering from may very well be due to our ubiquitous exposure to microwave radiation today.

Lyn: So we have talked in other broadcasts with Dr. Stephanie McCarter and Doctor Lisa Nagy who've been very clear about the signs and symptoms of wireless, EMF sensitivity. Electro sensitivity. Since you are most closely aligned with, health hazards in the school system, can you talk directly about that?

Cece: Yeah, I would welcome you to speak to any school nurse today and ask them if they've seen skyrocketing rates of headaches, nose bleeds, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, cognitive impairment, behavior issues. And we know when we look into the scientific literature that these are all clear symptoms of microwave sickness. All of our data packets go back and forth with our wireless technology using low level non-ionizing non-thermal microwave radiation that the scientific literature is very clear, can cause these symptoms. And so we have, we have all these mesh, big industrial strength systems that the industry has rolled into our schools with no training on technology safety. And the message certainly is not no technology but the honeymoon's over and now we need to get to safe technology.

Lyn: So because you've been so involved on the policy level, what is your sense right now, especially with the five g rollout about what's going to push this issue forward? What's happening in other countries? What are we on the cusp of here in the United States?

Cece: Well, let's explain firstly what 5G is. So today your cell phone and mine run off of 3G and 4G spectrum. That just means third and fourth generation and they pretty much maxed out all of the revenue, the new revenue that can be made out of those frequency bands. What's left are the smaller, shorter little millimeter waves and that's what 5G is looking to use. It won’t make everything else go away. They will add to the current infrastructure that we've already got all over our cities and towns and start putting antennas inside our neighborhoods every two to 12 houses. Right now they're looking at putting them on poles right at the curb and the public access way. So any of us could literally wake up tomorrow with a cell tower right outside our bedroom window. And what we'll learn in the conference is that this will create an environment where our body's never get a break from this constant pulsing of toxic microwave radiation. So 5G is extraordinarily toxic, but we're seeing some good things happening. Senator Richard Blumenthal, who's the federal legislator out of Connecticut, has recently called out the FCC and the industry and the FDA and the FCC because they're allowing this to come to market with no safety testing. And that's what they did with all the previous generations of technology. But the scientists are gathering steam around the world and they've actually set an appeal to the World Health Organization, to the United Nations and to the European Parliament to say, we have got to stop this. We have got to put a moratorium on 5G and beyond that we need to look at all wireless technology because it's extremely hazardous.

Lyn: So as to the role of our healthcare providers who are even coming to this conference. Let's talk a little bit about what's hopeful is that we can start as healthcare providers to take responsibility for being able to actually assess and diagnose illnesses related to EMF exposure and EMR exposure. And I understand that you are going to be presenting not one but two panels at the conference, one on policy, but the second one, which I think all of our doctors and healthcare providers will come to and maybe the reason they come to the conferences, how to protect yourself. Exposure. Can you give us just a few teasers?

Cece: Sure. So you're right, we'll have one panel on policy and we'll have experts to speak to that at the local and national and the international level. And we'll also have another panel that talks about hands on strategies. So my home for example, is completely hardwired. I have all the technology I need. My teen and adult daughters, same thing when they come home we just plug everything into an ethernet cable, maybe add a little adapter for their laptops, and their cell phones and who would even know that that's an option, right? So we will love to give hands on strategies that not only the attendees can use, but everybody who comes to them for healthcare advice. So yeah, it'll be a great conference. And you know, I tell people freak out for 10 minutes when you first figure out just how toxic wireless technology is, but then come back to the table, and let's learn together what we can do day by day, device by device to still have all the technology we think we need, but to use it in a much safer fashion. And then our health care teams can use their voice and they can start building the steam from the ground up from where they are to make sure that our communities are protected because we are going to have such a public health crisis if we allow this technology to continue to encroach on our homes. And they've already put utilities smart meters on a lot of people's homes, right? That pulse this toxic radiation 24/7.

Lyn: and we're going to have a wonderful baubiologist, Peter Sierck, who will do an excellent presentation. He's already been up the environmental health symposium on how to mitigate and how to protect from that technology. Cece Doucette. It's been a pleasure. Thank you so much. Yes. We will see you all at EMF conference 2019 in northern California in the Redwoods in September. Thank you so much.

Cece: Thanks, Lyn.

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