Cece Doucette: Join Us at EMF Conference 2019 and Learn to Retrofit Your Home for EMF Avoidance

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Cece Doucette: This is CeCe Doucette from the nonprofit Wireless Education. We are delighted to be partnering with the EMF Conference, the first conference on electromagnetic fields to be held in Santa Cruz, California September 6th through 8th 2019, and on Saturday night of the conference we will be hosting a panel to give you, our health care providers, the nuts and bolts that you need to be able to confidently go back into your practices and share with your colleagues and your patients information on now that we know what the risks are, how do we actually transition to using technology safely. We have the honor of being joined that evening by Peter Sierck who is a building biologist and very adept at helping people to transition into a safe environment. He will be showing us a number of radio frequency detection meters that can be deployed. Perhaps some might even purchase them and put them into practice and then loan them out to their patients.

So that they can then go understand better what their exposures are. And Theodora Scarato and I, she's at Environmental Health Trust. We will take it from there and talk you through. How do you actually take something like an iPad or an iPhone or a cell phone or a tablet or a printer or a mouse or a keyboard, and actually make that safe technology so that it's no longer transmitting microwave radiation to ourselves and our loved ones. So we hope you'll join us for the conference and we, especially look forward, to seeing you Saturday night for the nuts and bolts of EMF avoidance, how to retrofit your home and office. Thank you so much.

Daffnee Cohen